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“People have told me over the years that I have a great smile. As I became a senior citizen, I didn’t even mind having a few wrinkles to go along with it. When my teeth began to bend this way and that, my smile was not a great feature. Time for a ‘‘grill” as the kids say. Your office is a great place for special attention. Appointments are on time, the staff is knowledgeable and fun and you always had something positive to say about my progress. Now my smile is fabulous and I hardly notice the wrinkles! Senior Citizens with braces? – Best investment I ever made!

Thank you for the effort and enthusiasm of a wonderful practice… A practice for all ages.”

–Lynn H.

“We couldn’t be happier with Dr Nakamura! He has a wonderful way with children and always takes time to explain procedures and progress. I have two children in braces at the same time so scheduling was also important and it all worked out nicely, thanks to his exception staff. He has given my children beautiful smiles and made the whole process enjoyable!!!!!”"

—Sue F

“I didn’t enjoy smiling before I came to Dr. Nakamura. Now….. I can’t stop! Thanks to him and his kind staff for giving me a confident and beautiful smile!”

—Sydney F

“With three children, we have been going to Dr. Nakamura’s office for the past 6 years. I am very pleased with his services and his friendly and very helpful staff. They are very organized and are always on time. Also, they are always very accommodating so that the children rarely have to miss school which is very important to me. I would recommend Dr. Nakamura’s services to anyone that wants a great smile!”

–Diane H.

“We refer all our friends to Dr. Nakamura if they need an orthodontist. He is extremely caring and knowledgeable and his staff is efficient and competent. Our high school senior has an amazing smile thanks to Dr. Nakamura and his brother and sister are on their way to beautiful smiles. We wouldn’t trust anyone else for orthodontics. Dr. Nakamura and his staff are the best!”

–Nancy B.

“Our experience with Dr. Nakamura has been wonderful. He is kind and patient and is always available to answer questions. He makes sure everyone (parents and patients alike) is comfortable with the treatment options. The staff is always friendly and professional. After having three kids in braces over a span of ten years, I would recommend Dr. Nakamura to anyone!”

–Jill P

“As a former Registered Dental Assistant, it is reassuring to know that Dr. Nakamura and his staff are very professional, warm and welcoming to everyone. Dr. Nakamura has created 2 beautiful smiles for our sons and will soon be working on our daughter. The kids love Dr. Nakamura’s gentle touch, explanations of their ongoing treatment, how he remembers each person and their interests and lastly, knowing he gives back to the local community. ”

–Martha K.

“Dr. Nakamura has treated our entire family over the years and we wouldn’t go anywhere else. His staff is always nice and very helpful with booking appointments or dealing with insurance. Most of all, Dr. Nakamura is the most thorough healthcare professional I've ever dealt with. He explains the treatment process up front and then every step along the way. He is always available for questions and very patient with his answers. He has always been great with my kids and they have never complained about having an appointment to see him. ”

–Marla R.

“I am incredibly satisfied with my decision to get braces again and my choice to work with Dr. Nakamura. His efforts and those of the staff give me comfort in knowing that I am getting the best orthodontic treatment available. I especially look forward to having a renewed smile and a proper bite for the future.”

–Tommy T.

“I had always wanted perfect teeth, but I was always afraid of not choosing the right orthodontist. Dr. Nakamura always explained everything thoroughly to me, subsiding any anxieties I may have had. Throughout my treatment, I felt well taken care of by the friendly and patient-centered staff. After completing my treatment and seeing how perfect my teeth look, I know I made the right decision!”

–Cindy C.

“The staff of Dr. Nakamura’s office are a pleasure to deal with. They really are kind and polite to the children, teens, and parents. The office appointments usually run on time and smoothly. The office manager is experienced, efficient, knowledgeable, and wonderful to do business with. If time and kind people are important to you, then you will choose Dr. Nakamura’s office.”

–Chris M.

“Dr. Nakamura and his highly trained staff are absolutely TERRIFIC!! I have worked in the medical field for over 27 years and have never seen an office so friendly, helpful, organized, and accommodating to all their patients. Both of my daughters are under Dr, Nakamura’s care and have had the BEST experience! We are treated so well, that every visit to his office is like going home. What makes Dr. Nakamura so unique is he fully communicates the entire process of what’s being done, not only to his patients, but to the parents as well. Dr. Nakamura and his staff are upfront and honest, and their kindness and thoughtfulness really shows through. We are truly blessed to have found such an exceptional orthodontist and are truly fortunate and grateful to him.”

–Ann B.

“We would recommend Dr. Nakamura in a heartbeat. We were so pleased with the results attained by our oldest child that our youngest is now under his care. From our first appointment almost 4 years ago to the present, we have received exceptional, professional, consistent care from Dr. Nakamura in a warm, caring, friendly environment. His staff is equally as wonderful.

They always do their best to accommodate our busy schedule. Thank you for giving our kids the self-confidence to smile!"

–Corinne A.

“Dr. Nakamura and his staff have created a very professional and friendly environment. They always make sure to give us an update on the progress of the treatment and the end results are a…beautiful smile! We would recommend Dr. Nakamura for your orthodontic needs.”

–Susie T.

“We have experienced Dr. Nakamura and his staff’s professionalism and excellent care for over 5 years. Our first experience was with our youngest daughter. Dr. Nakamura was very thorough and patiently explained the path our daughter’s treatment would take over the next few years with great care. Each visit was met with the highest regard for our daughter’s comfort and progress. I needed orthodontics at the age of 52 and Dr. Nakamura treated me with the same professionalism and care as he did with our daughter to explain the different ramifications of treating such a “mature” patient.

Dr. Nakamura’s staff has always greeted us with a friendly smile and we feel like we are part of their family. I have recommended Dr. Nakamura on several occasions due to his caring, gentle and professional manner in which he treats his patients. He has done a very good job instilling this same professionalism with his staff so each visit is as pleasant as the last one. Dr. Nakamura has made this experience for me more pleasurable than I could have imagined. Thank you!"

–Vince G.

“We knew after the first visit, that this was the place for us! Dr. Nakamura took the time to talk with our kids, explaining their conditions and subsequent treatment plans in terms that they could understand. With every appointment, we are offered professional and efficient service by the staff in both a warm and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Nakamura really cares and personally greets us at each visit to update our children’s progress. It’s comforting to know what to expect during the course of treatment. We are extremely satisfied with our orthodontic experience thus far and look forward to the end result…beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime! Our kids are in good hands with Dr. Nakamura and his team. They have made this venture both an enjoyable and beneficial one.”

–Sheryl N.

“Dr, Nakamura has treated two of my daughters and is currently treating my third daughter. As a busy mom, I love how prompt Dr. Nakamura is, I love the staff at the front desk, and most of all I love that my daughters actually look forward to their appointments, not only to see their progress, but because Dr. Nakamura is so patient and kind.”

–Lisa M.